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SEO promotion
In Kiev

Transparent and controlled promotion in PROSEO

Every month we approve the work plan, the budget, and perform the work according to the plan. We provide a report and a plan for the next month. You control all work and are aware of everything that happens with the site.


Website promotion services


SEO — website optimization

Optimization of the site according to the requirements of search engines in order to increase traffic. Promotion in Google will allow you to start attracting traffic and converting them into buyers within 2-6 months. Unlike other sources of traffic, it is cheap for long-term use.

Optimization (SEO)
crowd marketing
Link building

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Contextual advertising, Google Shopping, remarketing

Paid advertising in Google will allow you to quickly get visits to the site. After setting up paid advertising channels, visitors interested in your products will come to the site in the first week. There is a special format for online stores - Google Shopping, in the form of product images with prices in Google search. With the help of remarketing, you can remind visitors who left the site about you with an offer to buy a product that they did not buy.

contextual advertising
Google Shopping

Promotion is managed by analysts

The preparation of the KP will begin with the analysis

Analysts will study your subject and competitors in detail. What keys do applications bring? Where are the growth points for you?

Numbers are at the heart of the promotion strategy
Even before concluding the contract, you will receive forecasts, and the working group will receive an action plan.

Work requests only
There will be no ineffective keywords. Only inquiries that will get you an order are prioritized.

Update semantic core

Regular revision of the semantic core, addition of new queries, deletion of irrelevant ones.

Thorough traffic analysis
We will set up statistics systems that track every step of the user on the site.

We focus on the right result
For any site promotion payment scheme - by traffic, positions or leads, we look at the dynamics of applications and calls from the site.

What is included in the cost of SEO promotion?

The work of an SEO optimizer

Carrying out a detailed SEO audit: technical, commercial audit, checking the structure and optimization of content. Deep analysis of the subject and competitors. Preparation of recommendations regarding the structure of the site. Work with behavioral factors. Writing technical tasks for a copywriter. Controls the introduction of technical recommendations. Working with linking factors: adding new links, adjusting the linking strategy. Detailed processing of advancing pages - point-by-point recommendations for improvement.

Account manager job

Analysis of the result with a possible adjustment of the strategy. Verbal and written communication with the client throughout the entire project upon approval of recommendations, content, work performed; discussion of intermediate results. Maintains documentation (contracts, additional agreements, reports, accounts, closing documents). Consultations on additional company services.

The work of a programmer/developer

Making changes to the html code according to the technical task from the optimizer. The number of developer hours per month is determined by the terms of the contract. We work with all common site administration systems: WordPress, OpenCart, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

The work of an SEO copywriter

Writing texts for the technical task of the optimizer. We write texts for both advancing pages and additional pages, if the technical task of the optimizer requires it. Content writing, based on the wishes of the customer, is discussed individually.

The work of a webmaster

Making changes to: headers, texts and graphic content according to the technical task of the optimizer. Making changes to page templates - counter codes, content markup and formatting, etc. Minor edits of the html code, if this does not require a deeper dive into the algorithms of the CMS. Amendments, in accordance with the wishes of the customer, are discussed individually.

Work of an analyst

Preparation of technical task for installation of meter codes, GTM. Preparation of TOR for setting goals for tracking user actions (use of forms and services on pages, counting the number of completed applications, etc.). Summary of the results of site promotion from the point of view of conversions. Recommendations for adjusting the semantic core. Highlighting conversion requests, strengthening their promotion, recommendations for adjusting the semantic core. Usability recommendations - based on the terms of the contract or additional agreements.

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SEO-promotion of the site in the TOP 3

We work with traffic and positions. We increase attendance and the number of conversions. Analytics and reports will give you an idea of ​​the whole picture of what is happening with your business.

More conversions

Thanks to multi-channel promotion, improved usability, site acceleration, the site will work, but at full capacity - to improve traffic and conversion rates.

Work with site analytics

We work not only with common analytical programs, our toolset includes utilities for creating Big Data Analytics for audience segmentation of large portals.

Adaptation for mobile and site speed

60% of traffic comes from mobile devices, layout optimization allows you to get more traffic from search engines. Also in on average, you lose up to 30% of customers who did not wait for the page to load.


100% of our employees are fans of their work.


The sites have been promoted


Average ROI of projects


Tools in the arsenal


Positions in the TOP 10

We apply white methods of promotion, use only "eternal" links.

Our "chip" is working with the growth points of the site

Be in the TOP and get more traffic to your site for adequate money.

We offer only jobs that are primarily needed. We promote sites by finding "growth points". As a result - faster advancement in a shorter time.

Free consultation

The cost of SEO promotion of sites

From 500$ from 3 months
  • The cost of complex site optimization depends on the amount of work on the site, the state of the resource, the type of site, the subject, as well as the history of the site's promotion.

Contextual advertising

From200$from 10 days
  • The cost of contextual advertising depends on the types of connected tools: search contextual advertising, remarketing, merchant center. As well as the volume of work being carried out.

Customer reviews

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Alexander Vartovskyi

"Every month I receive a report on the work done and the result. I will note the availability of technical support and a guarantee for the work performed. All requests are always responded to promptly without delays."

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Boris Valuysky

"Thank you for the quality services provided. We first applied more than a year ago, we are still working together now. We were especially pleased with the results of SEO — ours site led to the absolute leaders in 2015."

seo киев SEO просування Київ - 11-

Arsen Tereshchenko

“The results exceeded expectations: sales growth for the first quarter was +96%, and this is in the "dead season", when we usually have a loss. We plan to continue cooperation."

What is SEO promotion? ( search engine optimization) is a set of works on internal and external component optimization for lifting site positions in the results of search engines for certain queries. To increase attendance and, as a result, increase sales.

What does it consist of? SEO promotion of the site. consists of two main components: internal and external optimization. Before starting work, specialists also conduct an audit, based on the results of which a technical task is drawn up to correct all errors and make the necessary changes.

Promotion term in SEO: Comprehensive SEO promotion of the site in Google, on average, it takes 4-6 months. The term depends on the topic, level of competition, quality and number of keywords. However, as our experience has shown, the first results are usually visible in the second month. In the following months, the reference mass of the site will increase, and the trust of the site from the outside will increase search engines.

SEO in TOP 3,5,10 in Google. Creation and promotion of the site in the shortest possible time.

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Site optimization process

Be in the TOP search engines for the required search queries on the first page of Google. You will be able to get a large number of visitors, which will lead to an increase in sales.

  • 5+ specialists are working on the project

  • Increase in positions, CTR, traffic

  • Code adaptation for SEO promotion

  • Writing texts that sell

  • Writing news content

  • Conducting an in-depth audit

  • Software improvements to the site

  • Working with reviews on the Internet

  • Improving mobile search

  • Local search optimization

I want comprehensive promotion

Do you have any questions?

Contact us, we will answer all your questions, give you advice, and help you promote your website.


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