There are often such cases when you need to switch to another domain. How to do it correctly and without mistakes? First of all, you need to know that such a transition can entail many problems, and your positions in search engines can drop significantly. And this is not a joke. And yet, you have to manage with minimal losses, and if you are lucky enough to do everything successfully, there may be no losses at all, although this is a rare case.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to forward pages from one domain to another:

  1. Creating a site map on the old domain.
  2. Work on content for the new domain (because you will have to get all external links again).
  3. Registration and activation of a new domain.
  4. Google Webmaster Tools: Verifying Both Your Domains.
  5. Change page from 404 by mistake to a page with an offer to go to a new link (explaining the reason that your site has moved).
  6. Creating a redirect.
  7. Adding a sitemap to Google and Bing from your old domain (this will help index your pages better).
  8. Google Webmaster Tools: fill in the Change of Address field.
  9. Creating a sitemap on a new domain.
  10. 10. Checking the presence of the site in the search results (after some time).

But, despite this, you should not forget about your old domain, visit it and monitor it, because a redirect is installed on it, and its correct operation depends on whether visitors who came to your first domain will find you or not.