You need to register and set up accounts in social networks once.
List of social networks recommended for site promotion:

  • Facebook;
  • Instagram;
  • YouTube;
  • Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp.

After creating a community (groups, pages, events, personal accounts), you need to complete the following elements:

  • Name of the community;
  • Avatar, cover, thumbnail;
  • ID identifier URL;
  • Menu or top post;
  • Tabs (they are menu buttons in FB);
  • Block "Description", "Information";
  • Photos, goods;
  • Video recording;
  • Block "link" or "like this page";
  • "Events" and "upcoming events";
  • "Discussion" or "notes";
  • Publications of visitors, reviews;
  • Documents (if provided).

To save time for publishing content from the site to social networks, configure auto-publishing via RSS using special services.

Every day you need:

  • check comments;
  • check messages in communities and personal messages;
  • publish posts or check whether all posts are published through auto-publishing;
  • publish stories or check if all stories are published via auto-publishing.

Every week you need:

  • make a content plan;
  • draw up technical specifications and define tasks for the designer, photographer, videographer, copywriter;
  • analyze statistics and summarize;
  • monitor competitors, study trends and interests of the target audience.

Content options for social networks

  • questions, surveys;
  • announcements of articles or news, links from which lead to the site;
  • longrids (long expert articles);
  • personal thoughts on the topic (2-3 paragraphs);
  • graphics, infographics, visualization of quotes;
  • videos, live broadcasts, interviews;
  • podcasts, audio interviews;
  • industry news, expert opinions;
  • quotes from industry thought leaders;
  • playing trends;
  • thematic humor;
  • historical references and futurism;
  • etc.

Options for attracting subscribers (paid and free)

  • friending/inviting;
  • statistical web elements (widgets, auto-signatures);
  • dynamic web elements (guest content);
  • work on content indexing (uniqueness + words from the semantic core in each element title;
  • hashtags (no more than 5 per post for Facebook);
  • integration with business processes;
  • involvement of opinion leaders;
  • integration with offline;
  • placement on printing media;
  • maximizing activity;
  • conducting contests;
  • involvement of partners;
  • content marketing;
  • synergistic effect (use of the listed methods at the same time);
  • targeted advertising (the fastest and "white" method);
  • advertising crops (in partner communities or opinion leaders);
  • in-app advertising.

Targeted advertising in social networks
Use targeted advertising to promote your business. Targeted advertising is a method of online advertising that uses methods and settings to find the target audience according to the specified parameters (characteristics and interests) of people who may be interested in the advertised product or service.

With the help of targeted advertising in social networks, you can solve the following tasks:

  • receive leads;
  • get subscribers to their communities;
  • increase traffic to the site / blog / landing page (must use utm tags);
  • achieve large coverage for publications;
  • increase "awareness" of the brand, product, event;
  • bring potential buyers to offline points (stores, showrooms);
  • initiate dialogues in the Facebook messenger.

How to promote the site yourself in the search space

Modern trends indicate that it is not enough to promote a site only in the search results — it is necessary to work with the entire search space: bring users from various external platforms, attract a new audience, collect a client base and interact with it. These tasks can also be performed independently - it is only important to think over the strategy, choose information resources and start using promotion channels. To promote the site, you should consider the following options:

  • aggregators, marketplaces and classifieds;
  • review sites;
  • classifieds sites (for example, olx);
  • information resources;


We hope that this list will help you in the initial stage of promoting your site. You will be able to understand the basics yourself and start promoting the web resource. But it is worth noting that today there are many options for promotion, which are difficult to understand alone and require special skills, so it is better to contact professionals for more in-depth and complete promotion of the site.