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Site audit. A detailed analysis will reveal all kinds of errors and flaws that have a negative impact on your site. As experience shows, after conducting a quality audit and making all the necessary changes based on its results, the position of the site improves significantly within a few weeks.

Types of audits:

  • Technical audit
  • SEO audit of the site
  • Usability audit
  • Analysis of the mass of links

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    За підсумками такої комплексної перевірки, ви отримаєте звіт, де зможете побачити «повну картину», дізнатися слабкі та сильні сторони вашого сайту, а головне отримати конкретні рекомендації щодо покращення ситуації. Провести seo аудит означає вибрати спочатку правильну стратегію просування сайту.

    Checking the level of site optimization

    What is a site audit? This is a list of requirements (checklist) for search engine optimization of the site. It allows you to evaluate how well the site components are optimized and create a list of recommendations for correction.

    A site audit is a critical component of successful SEO promotion. Our specialists have extensive experience in promoting websites and know all the nuances and subtleties.

    Why conduct a site audit? After evaluating each of the parameters, you will receive a list of tasks that you need to work on to achieve good promotion results in search engines.

    Who needs a site audit? Heads of the technical department (programmers), optimizers, internet marketers, site owners.

    The most important thing that should be on the site:

    Internal optimization:

    Semantic core (collected during site optimization):

    • Keywords were collected using keyword collection and analytics services: Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Yandex.Vordstat, Serpstat, Ahrefs, SpyWords, Google Analytics, Yandex.Metryky.
    • Analysis of competitors' keywords (Serpstat, Ahrefs, SpyWords).
    • The semantic core is distributed across landing pages and implemented.

    Site structure:

    • The most important pages are placed a maximum of two clicks from the main page.
    • На сторінках не більше 150 внутрішніх посилань (зайві закриваються від індексації).
    • Та сама сторінка в різних розділах (категоріях) має однакову URL.
    • Посилання в навігаційному меню реалізовані за допомогою HTML (не JavaScript, Flash), щоб роботу було зручніше перемішатися по сайту.

    Content and headings

    • Оптимізовано тег Title
    • Tag
    seo-аудит сайтов Аудит сайту - 3-

    Technical SEO audit

    Tools for Google and Yandex Webmasters:

    • The main mirror is indicated (with or without www), the region of the site is indicated;
    • Fixed scanning errors.
    • Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrik are connected
      Scripts are placed on all pages of the site;
    • Adjusted goals;
    • Customized e-commerce.
    • The site passes the Google Mobile Friendly Test
    • Eliminated duplicate content:
    • Дублі головної сторінки: /index.php, index.html «склеєні» за допомогою 301-го редиректа;
    • All links on the site have one type: with or without a trace at the end; .htm or .html. Configured 301 redirect for duplicate pages;
    • Pages of pagination, filters and sorting with duplicate content are closed from indexing;
    • Використовується атрибут Canonical для сторінок з частковим дублюванням контенту;
    • При запиті неіснуючої сторінки відкривається сторінка помилки 404 у дизайні сайту.
    • If the addresses for the pages have changed, a 301 redirect from the old pages to the new ones is configured.
    • All URLs are in lower case. Configured 301 redirect from pages with an address in upper case to pages with an address in lower case.
    • The page of the category that has the pagination and the first page of the pagination have the same URL.
    • The site has buttons for social networks (Google, Twitter, VK, Facebook).
    • Buy or Order buttons are not links.

    Site indexing

    • A robots.txt file has been created
    • Service pages are closed from indexing in the Robots.txt file
    • The site map sitemap.xml is created and placed in the root of the site.
    • In the PageSpeed ​​​​Insignt test, the site scores more than 70 points 13.
    • High-quality hosting is used - it does not "fall" from loads, it is always available, the site loads quickly.
    • There are no broken links on the site. Inspection by crawlers.
    • The correct coding is set on the pages.
    • Display of breadcrumbs on all pages of the site is configured.
    • Extended page descriptions are used for content markup.

    Optimized URLs:

    • CNC URLs are implemented on the site.
    • The content of the URL reflects the structure of the site.
    • The length of the URL is no more than 200 characters.

    External optimization

    Links are posted only on quality sites:

    • On useful sites for users.
    • No rental links or links from link brokers.
    • The donor site contains a moderate number of outbound links (the site is not spammed).
    • Natural profile. The percentage of non-anchored links is 50% (the words "here", "here", "on the site", "domain", etc. are used as anchors).
    • The anchor list is not aggressive (the links have different anchors, there is no bias towards the entry of certain requests).
      No more than 500 links are posted per month.

    Website promotion services


    SEO — website optimization

    Optimization of the site according to the requirements of search engines in order to increase traffic. Promotion in Google will allow you to start attracting traffic and converting them into buyers within 2-6 months. Unlike other sources of traffic, it is cheap for long-term use.

    Optimization (SEO)
    crowd marketing
    Link building

    seo-аудит сайтов Аудит сайту - 4-

    Contextual advertising, Google Shopping, remarketing

    Paid advertising in Google will allow you to quickly get visits to the site. After setting up paid advertising channels, visitors interested in your products will come to the site in the first week. There is a special format for online stores - Google Shopping, in the form of product images with prices in Google search. With the help of remarketing, you can remind visitors who left the site about you with an offer to buy a product that they did not buy.

    contextual advertising
    Google Shopping

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