Search engine optimization or as it is called search engine optimization - a set of actions aimed at attracting visitors from search engines. SEO-search optimization allows you to increase the number of visits to the site by users belonging to the category of "target audience" by raising the position of the site on target queries.

Search engine optimization involves a number of internal and external works. The main importance in this process is the internal optimization of the site - checking the site for compliance with technical requirements for the elimination of various technical errors, the creation semantic core, as well as writing meta tags and adjusting the content of site pages. External optimization of sites for search engines involves work outside the site (link exchange, registration site in search engines etc.)

Search engine optimization aimed at increasing the number of visitors through search engines and increasing the number of potential customers of the site. SEO-optimization site is aimed at promotion several popular targeted queries in the search engine and the constant implementation of relevant work to maintain the achieved result.

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How much does search engine optimization cost?

As we already know, search engine optimization is aimed at increasing the ranking of your site and its "relevance" to search engines. And through search engines just more targeted visitors come to the site. Therefore, if you want to have a lot of customers, you can not stay away from SEO-companies (search engine optimization).

So you are already familiar with what it is and how important it is for the future development of your business. Then you are interested in the usual question: how much will it cost? If the cost of, say, contextual advertising It is easy and simple to calculate: pay for the number of conversions, then calculate the budget for an SEO company is a much more difficult task. Each optimizer will count in its own way, because there are no universal formulas. And yet, to prevent fraud, you should at least know what the price of promoting your resource depends on.

The most defining are the keywords for which the resource is optimized, namely:

  • are keywords / phrases high frequency or low frequency;
  • how competitive they are;
  • the quality of competitors' sites and the quality of your own resource;
  • features of external links, method of formation;
  • experience and professionalism of the optimizer;
  • site theme.

There are also special programs that can help calculate performance and cost. Most of them select keywords and phrases (mostly high-frequency), analyze external links to your resource. It is possible to estimate the cost, but very approximate, which should not even be relied on. Because, in addition to the above factors, such as the age of the site, trust remain very important search engines to the site and others.

Then you realized that it is impossible to give a clear answer to this question. But now you know what the price depends on and you can easily ask for explanations to justify the cost you have been assigned.