Be the first Is to be a leader. Do you want your site to be active, "live" and bring real benefits and maximum profits? Then pay attention to the service of promoting Internet sites.

Website promotion in search engines - is a service that includes a set of works (site analysis, keyword selection, site optimization, external link management), which are aimed at raising your site to the first page of results for targeted search queries. According to statistics, 9 out of 10 users do not go to the second and subsequent pages with search results.

Do you need the maximum return from the site?

Our team will help you understand all the intricacies of site promotion and promotion, as well as choose the optimal search engine promotion strategy for your site. With our help dozens of entrepreneurs became leaders in the fields of your activity, you will become a leader!

Search engine promotion on key queries or keywords

Use word search and key queries on the web - the basis of site promotion. The average person does not think about why such a list of sites was offered by a search engine in response to a query. A potential buyer simply follows one of the first links.

From this we can conclude: first, the condition for successful business is the presence of your site on the FIRST page of the search. Secondly, it is necessary to take with all seriousness and responsibility the formation of the correct keywords, verbal requests, etc. on your website. In both cases, we can help.

How it works:

When a user wants to find information on the Internet, he enters various word forms on the search engine site. Depending on the proper optimization of the site and the professionalism of the promotion, after submitting the request, it will appear on one of the results pages. Our goal is to make your site appear on the first pages! To spend effective site promotion in search engines, you need to find the appropriate key queries that may receive targeted visitors. The set of these queries is called semantic core.

The main task in keyword search is approval of the semantic core site and display the selected key queries on the first page of search engine results. After launching the site, you need to constantly maintain the result, because competing sites also want to be in the lead.

So, you get the following benefits:

  • High degree of trust in the leading (your) site.
  • Increase sales.
  • No intrusive advertising effect.
  • Results even after the end of the advertising campaign.
  • Constant growth in the number of loyal site visitors.

Stages of website promotion in search engines:

  • Finding out goals and wishes, compiling and approving the semantic core.
  • Signing the contract and payment for the first month.
  • Internal site optimization.
  • Adjusting the site structure.
  • Manage external links leading to the site.
  • Monitoring site positions in search engines.
  • Keyword traffic analysis and keyword performance.

Speed ​​and performance

You will see the first results of the promotion immediately after optimizing the website! As soon as the changes are indexed by search engines - your site will start to move up.

On average, the following deadlines are achieved:

20 days - the beginning of raising the position of the site

30 days - Some requests are already in the TOP-10

50 days - Half of the words from the semantic core are already on the first page of search results
We are constantly working on process automation and professional development! That is why we can guarantee a quick time to achieve the promised results.

Quality service at a reasonable price

Each request has its price depending on the number of impressions per month, the competitiveness of the topic, etc. The value and number of words is determined at the stage of compiling the semantic core and signing the contract. The words are summarized, and thus receive a monthly search engine promotion budget.

We do not take separate funds for site optimization for the required keywords - optimization is included in the cost of words.