Network traffic - an indicator of the amount of data that passes through the server for a certain amount of time. Traffic to the site can be both incoming (the amount of data received by the server) and outgoing (the amount of data sent by the server). Most often, the traffic counter is used to determine site traffic, its attractiveness to advertisers, and so on.

Traffic promotion is a fairly new service of the search marketing market, the main purpose of which is to attract more target audience to the site, using a special payment system that provides payment only when switching from the search engine. Payment is made for each visitor attracted from the search engine and recorded by a special program. This method is often used quite often when you need to promote sites from scratch.

It is very important that traffic promotion is carried out by professionals, then it will quickly give positive results. Our company employs the most experienced professionals who know well how to increase site traffic.

Our specialists will carry out a set of measures aimed at increasing traffic:

  • traffic monitoring
  • traffic counting
  • traffic control
  • traffic accounting
  • development of strategies to increase traffic
  • choosing the most effective strategies to increase traffic to the site as quickly as possible

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