The higher the page traffic, the more potential customers will buy the product, so the business will be more profitable. In such cases, seo site promotion comes to the rescue.
The prefix SEO stands for search engine optimization, translated from English search engine optimization. This term refers to a set of measures to bring a web page to the forefront of search engines.
Until recently, the Internet was used only as a source of information, today the situation has changed dramatically. The huge growth in the number of users, the emergence of new mobile applications, the payment system for goods, the possibility of online orders have turned the Internet into a powerful marketing tool and a place to trade. And the offer of some products, even very good, can be lost among thousands of others. It is the promotion of the site in search engines and will serve to ensure that a project will reach the leading positions in the lists of Google or Yandex and the resource will not be lost in the backyard of the Internet.

But, comprehensive promotion of your resource is quite capacious and painstaking work that requires deep knowledge and skills. Only a seo specialist who has extensive knowledge and understands what is successful optimization and promotion of sites in search engines is able to promote the site and bring it to the top.

We analyze the web resource

Promotion and promotion is usually done after a process such as site audit. Such a process must take place by qualified experts. The seo optimizer will best perform site promotion and seo optimization. The audit procedure allows you to make a seo analysis of the resource, determine how productive the virtual representation of the company, whether it is written, whether users find the information they are looking for, and what seo site optimization is required. This step should be taken before you start promoting and optimizing sites, because without quality analysis, all subsequent actions, such as promotion and advancement, will not have a real result.
The results of the audit can be used to judge how effectively search engine optimization was performed, how well the content met the queries, and what methods were needed to perform site promotion and optimization.
Website promotion with external optimization does not make sense if you do not perform internal site optimization, so the steps must be taken consistently.

Allows you to collect statistics on downloaded content, site traffic, bookmarks placed by visitors on the site in their browser.

Search engine optimization can be of two types:

Internal optimization is responsible for the things that need to be done on the resource itself. This is the placement of quality images, section titles, interesting content, improving the speed of loading pages, adapting to mobile devices, that is, do everything so that the visitor stayed longer. Google webmaster is most often used for site analysis
External optimization of site promotion from the outside, namely work on backlinks, placement of SERM-articles, press releases and other techniques known to the team of optimizers. You can, of course, try to promote the site yourself and for free, but in this case you run the risk of falling under the sanctions of search engines and for a long time to move your resource away from the desired TOP. You need to have significant experience and knowledge in the field of web technology to take into account all the features of promotion and minefields. Therefore, the best solution is to turn to specialists on this issue.
The team has the necessary qualities that will not only skillfully support and promote your resource, but also help to release you from existing sanctions by Google or Yandex.
Progress is not standing still and more and more people are shopping, ordering services and paying bills without getting up from the couch, and SEO promotion has become one of the most important and necessary elements of today's business reality.