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We tell you what needs to be taken into account at the stage of developing a B2B site, what content is better to place on it and how to promote it.

The difference between sales on b2b and B2C market is huge. To sell a car to an ordinary customer, you need to let him sit in it, offer a test drive and inform about favorable conditions. Finally, he should just like her. If you decide to sell a business car, almost all of this will not matter. The terms of the lease, the cost of wear and tear and the Agreement will be decisive. Most likely, no one will even look at the car itself.

Similar differences are found in online promotion. To sell pizza, you need an emotional landing and a guarantee of fast delivery. Such an approach will not work with a tractor: decisions on the purchase of equipment are made for a long time and exclusively for rational reasons. Due to the long duration and average amount of the deal, promoting the site in the B2B industry requires a special approach.

What must be on a website that offers services or products for the B2B market
Promotion of the site on the B2B market in our agency

Let's share the key requirements that most sites in the B2B sphere should meet.

Correct site structure

No matter what you do, the success of a B2B site depends largely on its structure. It determines how users - potential customers - will interact with the site, as well as how they will get to it from search engines. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the structure of the site.

Develop image pages: the average amount of a deal in the B2B sphere in the majority of cases is far from one million. Such money is not given to the first-best supplier. In order to choose you, you need to create trust in the customer. One of the ways to achieve this is image pages. Put them in the structure of the site in advance and work out the details. Such pages may include:

"History of the company";
"Board of directors";
"Management system";
"Our technologies";
In contrast to sites for retail customers, a thesis description with beautiful icons cannot be dispensed with here. Use real facts and accurate figures that will convince the client of your expertise. On the "Tyazhmash" website, for example, the "Our History" page is so long that it will give a head start to many one-pagers. It describes the entire history of the company since the 1940s, which in itself inspires confidence. Especially since almost every milestone there is a separate achievement. Our story page on the Tyazhmash website

Of course, few people can tell such a story. But many other things can inspire trust, such as the fact that you cooperate with key market players, use the most advanced technologies, or have Bill Gates on your board of directors. Use every opportunity in your arsenal.

Create blocks of industry solutions. To make it easier for visitors to understand your assortment, information should be provided by address. For this purpose, the company's products and offers can be segmented according to various characteristics. One of the ways to do this is to create blocks of industry solutions, for example: "construction", "industry", "municipal economy", etc. a similar approach can be found, for example, on the Karcher website.

Karcher website

Also, to form such sections, you can turn to different segments of your audience — for example, create sections for "Small business", "medium and large business", "exporters", etc. such a structure can be found on the RosselkhozBank website.

Agricultural Bank website

Of course, other features are also suitable for segmentation - for example, you can group solutions by the volume of purchases (small, medium and large wholesale) or the format of cooperation (dealers, franchisees, suppliers). Look at your customer base and focus on it when developing a structure with business prospects in mind. This approach not only simplifies site navigation, but also improves the first contact with the visitor. For this, in each section with industry solutions, you need to place the most targeted information for the appropriate audience.

Work out the semantic core. Collect semantics and distribute requests by groups. Some of them will go to the sections of industry solutions, and for others it will be necessary to create new pages. At this stage, it is important to build a hierarchy of future site pages and form a structure that will respond to groups of requests.

Anticipate scaling. If, after launching a Russian-language site, you plan to add other language versions to it, decide in advance how this will affect the structure. Everything can be implemented both on the same domain — site.ru/en — and on subdomains — en.site.ru. the same applies to sales in other regions. To gather more traffic, you need regional pages that are optimized for high-frequency queries. It is better to anticipate such a possibility in advance when developing the site and in the future implement it on separate subdomains.

Consider customer needs
The more detailed you work out the list of features and opportunities that will facilitate the interaction of users with the site and your company, the more you will reduce the number and complexity of improvements in the future. We have prepared several recommendations that can help in this. Select those that suit your business and complete the list according to the specifics of your activity.

Focus on the user experience.
In a B2B site, the design and list of key technologies can be radically different from what is needed when working with ordinary customers. This especially applies to portals intended for wholesale sales. Customers who place such orders usually know exactly what they need, and they have very little time to search. That is why the B-order product line is in exact accordance with the needs without any emotional component.

Customers should not be disturbed by an excessive number of graphics, bright corporate colors and animations. The design of a B2B portal usually has two goals:
- simplify user interaction with the site as much as possible;
- create trust in them.
Therefore, it is better to make the pages in a laconic design and limit the number of bright graphic elements.

On sites with a wide assortment, a page with a list of products is usually performed using a large number of tabular forms. The main task in this case is to achieve a high level of search convenience and to make it easy to form orders with a large number of articles.

Work on the assortment page.
Keep in mind that user behavior on a product listing page on a b2b site is very different from how people behave in regular online stores.

Corporate and wholesale customers most often use the names of products and article numbers, less often — the main characteristics, in order to find the products they need.

To make it more convenient to work with the list, it is better to make it compact - so it will include more articles - and add to it a block for searching and selecting products by parameters. There is no point in placing detailed and long descriptions here, as the wholesale customer is usually more important to the characteristics of the product and the files that can be attached to them - for example, Licenses and certificates for products.

3. Provide automation of document flow.
Of course, you can exchange documents the old-fashioned way. But if a large number of customers and operations are expected on the site, then why not immediately foresee the appropriate technologies? The ability to automatically generate documents and exchange them during operations and deals significantly reduces the level of bureaucracy in the company. The standard mechanism of operation is as follows:

At the time of registration of a legal entity, the system forms an electronic delivery contract if the User has agreed to its Terms.
After registration, the parties exchange the necessary constituent documents electronically using the site.
When the customer places an order, the system creates and invoices him for payment.
After the customer pays the invoice, the initial shipping documents are also generated electronically.
How to fill the site

In the field of B2B, there are also specifics when developing content. This will need to be taken into account when filling the site with content. Here are some tips on how to better prepare content for a B2B website and what to post:

Write on the matter. Most likely, visitors to your site will be people who make decisions in companies about the purchase of equipment, technologies or services. Believe me, they are well versed in what they need and have been in this business for many years. Do not torment them with "exclusive high-quality solutions" from a "young, dynamically developing company" - describe your organization and products briefly and to the point. Your goal is to convince a businessman or senior executive that you offer him the best of the available solutions. For this, the content should work on the image, increasing expertise and leadership in the market. Instead of long descriptions, prefer lists with detailed characteristics and lists of advantages over other solutions on the market.
Add a list of major clients. If you are lucky enough to work with well-known companies in your field, be sure to add their logos to your site - this technique will help to inspire the trust of the client without unnecessary words. A block with logos can be placed both on the main page and on a page created separately for this purpose. For even more impact, ask for and post positive customer testimonials next to your logos.
Share scans of licenses and certificates. In the B2B sphere, the availability of various documents - licenses, permits and certificates - is of great importance. Feel free to boast that your products meet the highest standards - be sure to share document scans on the pages of the respective products.
Tell us about the industry achievements of the company. If you have been in this business for 32 years, have completed thousands of successful tenders for multi-million sums and have not missed a single professional conference during all this time, do not forget to mention it. It is not necessary to write a company chronicle - describe the achievements briefly, to the point and with numbers.
Add the maximum number of communication methods. When it comes to deals worth millions, visitors rarely buy right away. Usually, the most important part of the deal happens after personal communication. Therefore, it is better to provide as many different ways of communication as possible on the website in advance - add phone numbers, e-mail addresses and popular messengers: Viber, WhatsApp and Telegram. A good solution can be the integration of the site with call tracking systems from the Internet.

Allows you to collect statistics on downloaded content, site traffic, bookmarks placed by visitors on the site in their browser.

B2B site promotion strategy in search engines
Internal optimization of a B2B site is almost no different from a standard one. It should be mentioned only the recommendations for working with micromarking:

Prices on b2b sites are usually not displayed, but if you want to get into the advanced snippets of search engines, add a minimum price of the products using the schema.org micromarkup.
If you want the advanced snippets to also display star ratings for products, don't forget to enable pre-moderation. Otherwise, competitors will be able to lower their ratings to a minimum in a couple of weeks.
In the B2B sphere, there are a large number of people who make purchasing decisions. Managers and executives will approach the solution with different needs, so it should be expected that representatives of each group will enter a wide variety of queries in the search bar. Therefore, for SEO, it is better to collect semantics with an emphasis on low-frequency queries, carefully selecting words specifically from the B2B segment.
External optimization in the B2B sphere has more differences. To reduce promotion costs, we recommend the following techniques:

Ask the companies that place your product in their stores to create a "Our supplier" page with a link to you on their websites. In return, you can, for example, redirect some of the B2C traffic to them or add a link in return.
Publishing articles on industry sites where you share your expertise works great as PR materials. Such materials show your professionalism and also allow you to get links from trusted sites.
In the B2B sphere, there are types of links that can be obtained much more often than in B2C. they include all kinds of patents, research, information about sponsorship, participation in conferences, exhibitions and other specialized events.
High behavioral factors are another important feature of site promotion in the B2B sphere. Since the average deal value is usually in the millions, customers are looking for as much detailed information as possible about a supplier before making a purchase. Therefore, with the depth of viewing and the time spent on the site, B2B sites usually have everything in order. To do this, it is enough to work out the structure of the site and provide users with as much content as possible - they will do the rest themselves. You can achieve even better results by adding additional services to the site, for example, various calculators for customers.

How to set up analytics
In B2B, there is a longer sales cycle and a small number of appeals from potential buyers, accordingly, here the analysis of the effectiveness of site promotion will need to be carried out in a different way. The effectiveness of advertising and promotion methods is difficult to assess immediately, but a well-thought-out integration of analytical systems can help in this.

Connecting web analytics systems should be the first step after site development. This will allow you to monitor the effectiveness of all channels of attracting visitors and make timely adjustments to advertising campaigns. As targeted actions, when it comes to the site of a B2B company, the following goals can be set:

  • callback order;
  • placing an order on the website;
  • sending a feedback form;
  • the User's visit to the contact page;
  • communication with an online consultant.

Internet call tracking systems can provide additional information. With their help, you will find out from which advertising channel you are receiving calls. After evaluating their qualities, you will understand which channels are the most effective and which ones require refinement.

Integrating the site with the CRM system is another important step, as web analytics systems alone are not enough in the B2B sphere. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the channels and the marketing system as a whole, it is necessary to know not only how many customers came from one or another source, but also how much time was spent by specialists to support them in the transaction process, and how much it brought.

What is the result
For a site in the B2B sphere to help conclude deals, it should have two key qualities: to inspire confidence in customers and to make their work more convenient. Image pages will help with the first - they will create the impression that you are an expert and a leader in the market. All you have to do is turn impressions into confidence - for this you need to make convenient those solutions that the customer can use even after the conclusion of the agreement: the assortment page, the order process, the document management system, etc. Then you will be able to use the site immediately in all areas of work with customers: to attract and retain them.