We offer you services for organizing web projects. Many years of experience makes it possible to implement tasks of almost any complexity. We will develop a unique design for you, tell you and show you how to better organize usability and publication of materials. Whether it is a business card site, a corporate website of a company, a social resource or an online store (stall), you will always receive a quality product.

If you are originally planning to make "something" and do not plan to show yourself or the face of your company - contact a single freelancer or student, guaranteed to do what you want. Unfortunately, we will not undertake to create a project that will not have a future in the network.

We can offer web project development on free CMS. What is a CMS, no, it's not a candidate for master of sports - it's a content management system / content / / English. Content management system, CMS / - information system or computer program used to provide and organize a joint process of creating, editing and managing content.

The main functions of the CMS:

  • providing tools for content creation, organization of joint work on content / content, materials /;
  • management of content / content, materials /: storage, version control, compliance with the access mode, document flow management, etc .;
  • content publishing / content /;
  • presentation of information in a form convenient for navigation, search.

The content management system can contain various data: documents, movies, photos, phone numbers, scientific data and so on. Such a system is often used to store, manage, view and publish documentation.

CMS is widely used as it provides a simplified ability to edit the content of the site and simplify the addition of content and other materials. When using CMS, you will not need to hire content wizards, as the operation of the administrative panel does not require specific knowledge.

We do not insist on using free CMS, but in terms of savings, this option will not be replaced.