Замовити корпоративний сайт - 3-What is a corporate site.
Corporate site це фірмовий site компанії, ефективне рішення для тих компаній, які хочуть стати лідерами у своїй сфері діяльності. Багато успішних компаній сьогодні активно використовують корпоративні сайти в роботі зі своїми замовниками, партнерами та співробітниками.

As a rule, the appearance of the corporate website corresponds to the corporate style of the company. Such a site always uses corporate colors and fonts. Very often, the company's logo is taken as a point of reference when designing a website.

The structure of a corporate website is almost always quite complex, with a multi-level hierarchy that logically describes the company's business processes. The site includes: texts containing complete information about the company, events in the life of the company, products and services. The site has multi-level menus, search forms, all kinds of tables and information blocks, reference information, various components and modules. Also, the website may have closed sections for different groups of users – dealers, counterparties, employees, etc.

Approximate design of the corporate website:

  • information about the company (history, news, vacancies...);
  • business and reference information (reviews, catalogs, questions and answers, etc.);
  • areas of activity;
  • actual catalog of goods (services);
  • price list;
  • контакти (телефон, адреса офісу, картка, адреса електронної пошти);
  • feedback form;
  • sections of the site for partners, customers and employees;

Our package offer "Corporate site" includes:

  • Template selection and design (Site design).
  • A site management system that will allow you to update the site yourself without special efforts, without special knowledge: add new information, create new articles, pages and photos.
  • Creation of a multi-level site menu for convenient navigation.
  • Верста сторінок сайту (до 30 шт), заповнення їх Вашим контентом (текст, фото, ін.).
  • Creation of a contact page with a map (Yandex, Google) and a feedback form.
  • Catalog of goods (services), which includes up to 15 categories.
  • Authorization/registration module on the site.
  • Questions and answers (FAQ).
  • Customer reviews module.
  • Photo gallery and slide show.
  • Site search.
  • The news module is "Our News".
  • Module for placing a price list.
  • Site map.
  • Attendance counter.
  • Domain registration for your site. (at the request of the customer)
  • Installing your website on hosting, hosting settings.
  • Site registration in Yandex and Google search engines.

If this package offer does not seem quite enough to you and you want to expand the functionality of the future site - we are always ready to meet you.

The cost of the "Corporate site" package and the deadline:

  • The cost of the "Corporate site" package offer is $800.
  • Delivery time is 10-15 days
  • When ordering additional functionality, the term may be extended
  • Payment for the domain and hosting is made according to the prices set by the hosting provider

Information and materials that will be required from you:

  • Description for the About Us section (the company's field of activity and its history and mission);
  • Articles and photos to be placed on the site;
  • Description of the structure of the catalog, description of goods (services) and photos for the catalog;
  • Prices (price lists);
  • Description of the tasks that you will solve with the help of the corporate website
  • Contact information: phone numbers, address (legal and postal), e-mail, etc.

The procedure for creating a corporate website:

  1. You fill out the order form (brief, if necessary);
  2. We draw up and approve a sample technical assignment;
  3. We choose templates for you and approve design layouts;
  4. Based on your wishes, we adjust the design of the selected template;
  5. Site design and programming;
  6. We fill the site with your content;
  7. We optimize the provided photo materials and create a catalog of goods (services) on the website.
  8. We debug and test the finished site simply on hosting in working mode.