Promotion of online cryptocurrency exchangers is not an easy task, due to the high competition that has formed thanks to exchange aggregators and old players in this market. To successfully attract SEO traffic and requests for exchanges, it is necessary to use a full range of optimization tools and methods: technical optimization, content filling, building up external link mass (link building).

With the help of this guide, you will learn how to effectively promote the site of an online e-currency exchanger. This article is based on practical experience with such resources and analytical data.

Demand for online exchanger services

Before starting any work on SEO promotion, it is always necessary to assess the potential demand for services. In our case, this will help to understand which areas are the most popular, collect the correct semantics and prioritize the order of page optimization.

Consider the number of SEO traffic for 2 online cryptocurrency exchanges:

Consider the number of SEO traffic for 2 online cryptocurrency exchanges: We consider only direct competitors, omitting aggregators: Bestchange, ExchangeSumo, Kurs.Expert, and so on. We evaluate organic traffic using the Ahrefs service (real traffic is usually in We consider only direct competitors, omitting aggregators: Bestchange, ExchangeSumo, Kurs.Expert, and so on. We evaluate organic traffic using the Ahrefs service (real traffic is usually in displayed in this tool).

First candidatedisplayed in this tool).

сео показатели онлайн обменника

In this case, we see a figure of 828 visitors per month from organic search (excluding direct visits, traffic from social networks, banner or contextual advertising, and other sources). Do not forget that these indicators can be safely multiplied by 2 or 3.

Second candidatedisplayed in this tool).

показатели криптообменника по SEO

This crypto exchanger has more SEO traffic – 1,300 visitors per month. But it is important to understand that it also includes branded queries (this exchanger is more famous and is more often searched for by name, which brings more visitors from the search).

The conclusion can be drawn as follows: there is potential traffic, you can safely start collecting the semantic core and optimizing pages.

Semantic core

It makes no sense to describe in detail the process of collecting semantics and clustering for online exchangers, it does not differ much from the selection of keywords for other niches. For selection, it is recommended to use such services as: Google Keyword Planner, Yandex Wordstat, Ahrefs, Serpstat, Keyso and others.

But! There is one nuance that many SEO specialists miss when working with this area. According to the classics, keywords are collected that have a frequency of 10 (for Google) and pages that have such a frequency are optimized. In this niche, there can be about 20-40 such pages (excluding information requests), no more. You might think that other pages are not worth wasting time and skipping their optimization.

This is a huge misconception - count how many total unique pages by exchange directions are on your site, this number can be 200, 300, 500, or even 1000. Google Keyword Planner does not show the frequency for keys that have a frequency below 10, but this does not mean that no one is looking for them at all. Imagine that for each of the directions of exchange, for example, there is at least 1 search query from users per month. With 500 directions, it is easy to calculate that the potential traffic is 500 customers per month (of course, given the competition and CTR, you can get only a part of this demand, but these are real exchange applications that will bring real money).

Outcome: Outcome: Direction number 1 on Direction number 2", "Output Direction number 1 on the map Direction number 2", "Output Direction number 1 for Direction number 2" etc. Optimize your pages for these keywords and you will get additional SEO traffic (many do not do this, because in such directions the competition is much lower and it is easier to move along them).

Text content

Of the content, the exchanger site will need 2 types: template text for pages of exchange directions and informational texts. For each exchange page, it is enough to write texts for 2.500 - 3.000 characters, you can work on one template. The catch will be that on 500+ pages the same copywriter will not be able to write a unique text according to the same structure with a similar meaning, therefore it is necessary to write a universal TOR in advance, find several copywriters and give them work for a month - prepare texts for all pages - exchanges. Further, it is already more thorough to prepare informational texts for keywords on the topic of cryptocurrencies, currency exchange, and so on, attracting additional targeted traffic.

Technical optimization

In terms of technical optimization of exchange sites, everything is as usual: we do standard work, speed up the site and increase user engagement in page content, conversion. One thing to take care of more carefully is linking between pages.

A great example can be found in competitors:

SEO перелинковка обменника

In this example, a block with similar exchange directions is present on the page of each direction, thereby linking all the pages of the site to each other. This is one of the must-have blocks for SEO-promotion of the exchanger.

It is also recommended to create a page that will display the monitoring of the exchangers where you are placed. For instance, cryptocurrency exchanger 7Money designed it as part of the “Partners” page and beautifully designed it in the form of cards.

партнеры обменника 7Money

Link building

In link building, you should first focus on backlinks from trust sites on the topic of finance and cryptocurrencies, IT topics are also great. You can use almost any type of links for promotion: articles, directories, profiles, crowd marketing (there are good cryptocurrency forums). Also, in order to get backlinks, it is recommended to be placed on all popular monitoring exchangers, they have high trust and trust among the audience, this will bring additional backlinks and requests for exchange.


This article contains the main recommendations that will help promote an online exchanger. Do not forget that these are just the basic things that are needed in this niche, a specialist should understand the nuances and possible problems when working with SEO crypto exchangers. The first traffic can be obtained with the help of micro-frequency keywords, for this it is necessary to work steadily and massively on referral pages.