Creating a Title is not a difficult task, it does not require great talent. The title should aptly describe your page and be interesting at the same time. These few tips will help you in creating names and mastering the subtleties of this "art". Follow our recommendations and optimize Title yourself.

Оптимізація тега "Title" - багато рекомендацій на нашому сайті

title – the essence of the page.

Він має змістовно описувати контент. На заголовок Ваші відвідувачі звертають увагу в першу чергу, тому від того, що буде там написано, залежить, наскільки їм захочеться натиснути на посилання. Отже, це одна із застав хорошого трафіку.

title must contain the name of the company.

This will help your users better navigate where they are.

title must contain keywords.

This is very important for the promotion of the site. Thus, you have more chances that the search engine will choose you as the most relevant for certain key queries (if this query contains the name of the page). Therefore, if you have already chosen keywords for which you will optimize your site, enter some of them in the title.

Too many keywords in the title is also bad. To optimize the Title, keep track of how easy it is to read such a title, whether it sounds good. Do not use more than 2-3 key phrases.

Як оптимізувати Title на сторінці

Title should not contain stop words.

They usually include pronouns and prepositions. Try to avoid in the title.

Title should not be loaded with tautology.

Never repeat a word more than twice (and only if absolutely necessary). It spoils readability and looks a lot like spam.

Title should be short.

You need to stick to about 70 characters (anything that will be more than the norm, the search engine will simply cut off at the end).

8. title: no more than 8 words.

These 70 characters are approximately 7-8 words (for Google). There may be more for other search engines, but why would you lose somewhere? Eight words are quite enough for a complete and meaningful title.

Title should contain the most important things first.

Then you can be calm if your name is even cut off.

Title should not contain special characters.

The paragraph sign, euro sign, trademark sign, musical symbols, etc. are special symbols. Their presence in the title is not desirable, so they may not be displayed everywhere.

The title tag is a very important part of the page for any site, so don't neglect these title tips if you want to achieve good SEO results.

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