If you noticed that your site is now far from being on the first/second page of search results, but has been pushed back a few pages, and your traffic from search engines is dropping dramatically, then search engines have most likely filtered some pages of your site, but maybe your whole site.

What are the likely reasons for this?

  1. The content posted on your site is simply copied from another site. The filling must be unique.
  2. Someone whose rating is higher than yours is using your site's content without links.
  3. Ви продаєте посилання на свій site на інші сайти. Особливо обурюються пошукові системи, якщо Ваші тематики зовсім різні, або якщо ті, на кого Ви посилаєтеся, мають поганий рейтинг або погану репутацію («чорні сайти»).
  4. There are too many ads on your site, especially pop-ups and banners.
  5. The site is unavailable for a long time due to hosting problems (several days or more).
  6. Links to resources that no longer exist appear. You could have simply made a mistake in exile, or it could have happened that the resource simply ceased to exist. Therefore, try to periodically check whether the links on your site are working. The same applies to files hosted by you.
  7. Дублювання текстів на різних сторінках. Тобто один і той же текст можна знайти за різними URL-адресами.
  8. Many links on one page. It is necessary to limit yourself (no more than 100 per page), otherwise search engines will consider you a garbage dump for links.
  9. Illegal methods of promoting the site (or "black methods"). These can be hidden links, keywords, banners, etc. Such methods can increase your rating, if only temporarily. Sooner or later they will be exposed and banned anyway.

But there are other possible reasons for the drop in rating and lack of high traffic. If you cannot figure out the reason for this yourself and none of these points apply to you, then I advise you to contact the webmaster support service.