Contextual advertising is a type of advertisement on the Internet, which consists of only one or two offers and corresponds to the topic of the advertised page or site.

How contextual advertising helps to find goods and services:

Every person who is looking for useful information on the Internet enters a word or expression that interests him in the window of any search engine, and the search engine finds and offers the user many sites or advertisements with relevant information.

When we need to buy a sofa, we ask Google or Yandex the search query "Furniture for restaurants", and the search engines bring up the necessary sites with manufacturers and sellers of furniture.
It acts selectively and shows visitors only the information they need at the moment, which significantly saves the advertiser's money.

By types, contextual advertising can be text, banner or video advertising. There are two types: advertising in the search network and contextual media.

Search advertising is displayed on search results pages and requires a request from the user. And in the context-media network, it is displayed on the site if the topic of the advertisement may interest the user and is additional to the content of the pages viewed by the visitor.
By entering a query into the search engine, the visitor will see ads, the topic of which depends on the query.

What is contextual advertising for?

Placing advertisements on the Internet significantly affects the sale of goods and services, as this mechanism is designed to find target customers.

Context is effective when:

  • sell a product or service;
  • present a new product or service;
  • promotion of the company brand;

Accordingly, the main goal of a successful advertising campaign is the selection of keywords that will bring new customers to the site.

Positive qualities and weaknesses of contextual advertising


  • when displaying contextual advertising, the needs of each user are taken into account according to the requested words and which pages he has viewed before;
  • the possibility for the advertiser to choose the time of display and the place where he wants to place the advertisement;
  • opportunity to reach a large audience.


  • the most significant drawback is the frequent input of requests not only by potential customers, but also by some webmasters, which reduces the effectiveness of the announcement and leads to additional costs;
  • high cost per click in popular query topics;

There are various reasons why the contextual advertising submitted by you is not displayed when searching in Yandex or Google. The most common include the following: waiting for moderation or rejection, self-checking the presence of ads using an incorrect method, and irrationally setting up an advertising campaign.

Contextual advertising you can order on the services yourself, but it is a rather difficult tool, which has many different subtleties and nuances. Therefore, when planning your advertising company, you may need the help of specialists who know all the subtleties and undercurrents of contextual advertising.

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Contextual advertising are short content text ads that appear on the pages of search engines depending on search conditions or on the pages of partner sites.

A person usually feels the pressure exerted on him by advertisers. Even if the buyer bought the product under the impression of advertising, he may regret it and, as a result, never use the services of this manufacturer again. Contextual advertising is called for minimize the negative advertising impact, instead, due to the compactness of the content, inform the reader about your services or products, bring him to your site.