Мынус словаYou have launched contextual advertising. It seems that everything was done correctly: the keywords were selected, divided into groups, and the announcement was written. And they even set up dynamic keyword insertion. But a ton of clicks, but still no leads. Why? Forgot about negative words. Draining the budget as a result.

Minus words - these are words that stop ads from appearing on queries that aren't related to a specific type of activity.

Наприклад, ви продаєте послуги зі створення інтернет-магазину і використовуєте ключове слово “інтернет-магазин замовити”. Здавалося б, ключ цільової, але користувачі переходять на site з реклами за запитами “замовити туфлі в інтернет-магазині” і “замовити вудку для риболовлі інтернет-магазин”.

In order to prevent this from happening, there are negative words. You need to exclude the words "shoes", "fishing rod" and all others that are not related to your business. Then you will be found by people who need an online store, not shoes or fishing rods.

Even for identical activities, the lists may differ. It's like a mobile phone: thousands of people will buy the same model with factory settings, and over time they will completely customize it.

But there are standard negative words that almost everyone should get rid of. The only negative words for all campaign phrases look like this:

  • Free, free.
  • Download, watch, online, torrent.
  • Photo, video, film, series.
  • Forum, blog, article.
  • With your own hands, independently, Homemade, life hack.
  • Khabrakhabr, Wikipedia, VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.
  • Technology, method, scheme, diagram, composition.
  • Information: what is, is, how, which, definition, difference, recommendation, example, overview, analysis.
  • Employment: Work, vacancies, salary.
  • Education: book, textbook, lecture, course, dissertation, diploma, study, guide, instruction, device, statistics.
  • Jurisprudence: law, contract, specification, registration, standard, guest.
  • Areas of activity (if not practiced): second-hand, repair, rent, rental, wholesale, import, export, retail.
  • Price offers (If not practiced): cheap, inexpensive, Sale, Discounts, outlet.
  • Just all kinds of garbage: sex, porn, erotica, humor, jokes, crack, hacking, etc. (But without the " " " sign)