Semantic core - these are the main keywords of your site taken together, for which it is optimized in order to attract visitors from search engines. This, indeed, is the core, the rod, on which your success also depends.

Спочатку Вам доведеться визначитися з ключовими словами, які найбільш вдало характеризують Ваш site і які, на Вашу думку, будуть вводити відвідувачі у пошукову систему, а потім натраплять на Ваш ресурс. Кожна сторінка повинна мати свій ключовий запит. Усі ключові запити в залежності від конкуренції поділяються на високочастотні, середньочастотні та низькочастотні запити.

High frequency requests — popular requests, quite abstract and ambiguous (furniture, real estate, household appliances, etc.).

Average frequency requests — already somewhat specified and supplemented, in a few words (custom-made furniture, real estate in Lviv, etc.).

Low frequency requests – detailed and specific, specific, in many words (custom-made antique-style furniture).

Some search engines can offer you to choose keywords, and there are also special programs. But any data obtained in this way should be filtered and only what you need left.

Do not forget that the main thing is that you have something to offer the visitor to read at a certain request. That is, at least this way: one page is responsible for one request. Do not take on a huge number of requests, you do not need fifty, stop at 20.

There is also an interesting point, orthographic, so to speak. Users who enter a certain query in the search do not know how to write correctly (especially this applies to words of foreign origin). Take this into account and write down all the possible spellings of this or that word.

And finally: optimizing the site for low-frequency queries, which, as experience shows, really lead to potential customers is considered the most successful.