Citation in SEO (hyperlink) - this is a very important thing, which is needed not only to increase the rating of your site (when you are quoted), but also so that you, referring to someone, can tell certain information to readers in this way. Where did you get this material, who is its author, original publication date, possibility to read it in full, etc.

And why do you need to refer to someone at all? This is the opinion of many Internet users who like to violate copyright. If you do not want to be accused of plagiarism, or if you are just a solid company and such an accusation will damage your reputation, you simply need to refer to the source of information.

Вміле цитування допоможе Вам зробити текст професійнішим, доведе, що Ви орієнтуєтеся в подібних матеріалах, погоджуєтеся з ними, або критикуєте. Завдяки посиланням на першоджерела, читач сам матиме можливість ознайомитися з іншою інформацією та зробити висновки сам, можливо, що відрізняються від Ваших. Цитування також доводить те, що Ви провели певне дослідження, серйозно підійшли до написання статті, таким чином Ви зможете отримати хорошу репутацію, а за деякий час Вас процитують.

You may think that by using references to original sources, your work will lose its originality. Not at all! On the contrary: readers can easily distinguish your ideas from those of others, trace the flow of thoughts.

In what cases do you need to make a reference? Whenever you use someone else's ideas, thoughts, quote someone or paraphrase in your own words, mention someone else's research, article, book, mention someone whose ideas influenced the formation of your thoughts.

You have to make the content of your site so exciting and unique that other topic sites are interested. After all, it is important to refer to your articles as well. Take content writing seriously.