Residents of coastal areas practically did not come across such a concept as “dry air in the house”, since there is a high humidity index here. But the inhabitants of those regions of our planet where water resources are not so simple, faced a problem. Moisture concentration is influenced by the season, atmospheric pressure, weather, climate zone. One of the best methods for maintaining the level of humidity in the apartment is Tion air purifiers -, they not only help with this issue, but also solve a lot of other problems.

сухость воздуха в квартире

You can determine the low humidity of the room by the following symptoms:

  • dryness in the mouth, on the lips, skin of the hands, face, especially during sleep;
  • frequent calcinations in a calm healthy state;
  • unpleasant sensations of sore throat, nasal congestion;
  • drying, blackening of the tips of the leaves of indoor plants.

If a person noticed at least one of the above factors, then the air in the room is definitely dry, that is, the moisture concentration is below 40%. But besides this method, you can use a special device - a hygrometer, which will more accurately show the percentage of humidity in the room.

The effect of dry air on humans

A dry microclimate, like a humid one, negatively affects the communication state of the body. A person gets very tired, often yawns, rubs his eyes, as they water a lot, moreover, over time, his immunity and concentration of attention begin to decrease. The whole reason is that the body does not receive the right amount of moisture and begins to give it away, thereby depleting its water balance. Especially dangerous is the low humidity of the room for babies, the elderly, sick family members, because their bodies are already weakened, as they do not contain the right amount of water inside to restore the moisture level.

In addition to the fact that the general well-being of a person suffers, his organs also do not function normally. The lack of moisture is felt by the eyes, respiratory tract and skin.

  1. The eyes often become inflamed, a person feels a burning sensation, irritation, notices their redness. Over time, the tear begins to dry out, the surface of the eye becomes vulnerable to the ingress of small particles, pathogens, and reduced vision.
  2. The nasopharynx, throat and other respiratory tracts are strongly affected by this factor, since the mucous membrane dries out greatly due to lack of moisture. Therefore, a person whose house is dry suffers from a cold, chronic sinusitis, runny nose, asthma, bronchitis and other diseases of the respiratory system.
  3. The lack of the required percentage of moisture brings a huge danger to the skin, because it becomes rough, red, inflamed, with small wounds, and is also more susceptible to aging.

How to humidify indoor air?

способ увлажнения воздуха в квартире

An excellent solution to the problem is to humidify the air in various ways: from folk to man-made.

  1. Hang wet towels, rags on the batteries, which, when dried, will release moisture into the atmosphere.
  2. Install air conditioners or ventilate the room, which contributes to the flow of oxygen from the street and getting rid of the feeling of dryness around.
  3. And it is also convenient to install a breather. This device will provide the house with fresh, warm, purified air even in winter with the windows closed. A person will feel saturation with oxygen and moisture from the outside without additional ventilation. One of the best options is the Tion Breezer. It works very quietly, so it will not disturb the residents of the house. Three filters that are installed in the device reliably purify the air according to modern standards, making it safe and healthy without drafts. In addition, the product does not allow odors, bacteria, allergens, gases to enter the room.

Breathe high-quality, saturated oxygen and be healthy!